👋 My name is Lucas, and I am a computer science enthusiast. My fields of interest are cybersecurity and software development. Please, see the about page or read my resume if you want to know more.

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July 30, 2020
Build production grade API with Prisma and GraphQL
April 13, 2020
DawgCTF 2020: a few pwn writeups
February 13, 2020
ESLint: a value for parserOptions.project
January 23, 2020
ESLint configuration and best practices
January 11, 2020
The missing Pelican plugins guide

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🏊‍♂️  PoC Security Pool 2019 [French]

In early 2019, I teached ~30 EPITECH students the basics of computer security. This is the teaching material I wrote for this occasion. Browse it here.

📖  This blog

This blog is statically generated using Pelican, and hosted on Vercel. Feel free to contribute.

💉  SQLi Platform

A WEB application written in JavaScript that makes it simple to understand and visualize SQL injections. Easy to launch via Docker. Get it here.