Lucas Santoni

Software Engineer from France


Freelance Work

Since 2017

Collaborated with various clients, such as Sony Music or Vente-Privee. Worked on a wide range of projects, from OCR softwares in Python to large scale web scraping in JavaScript.


2019 | Software Engineer Intern

Worked on the Tresorio platform. Contributed to the front-end (React), as well as various back-end services (Node, Python).

Vente-Privee (now Veepee)

2018 | Software Engineer Intern

Maintained open source Go tool InfluxDB Relay and contributed to a C++ driver for a robot solution allowing automatic photo shooting.


2018 | Technical Assistant

Graded students during project defenses, teached C and C++ best practices. Was involved in the design of the cybersecurity course. Staff member for the ADP hacking challenge.


2017 | Intern Engineer

Conducted research on deception applied to database security under the supervision of Nizar Kheir, PhD. Eventually filed a patent.


Master's degree in Information Technology

Epitech Paris | Expected 2021 | GPA 3.7

Master's degree in Computational Intelligence

University Of Kent | Expected 2020

Certificate of Proficiency in English

University Of Cambridge | 2015


Programming Languages

Code is SOLID and DRY

  • C
  • Python
  • Go
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript


The right tool

  • Docker
  • React.js
  • Zeit Now
  • GraphQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Next.js

Computer Security

Self-taught and passionate

Solid foundations in reverse engineering, binary exploitation, web security. 5300+ points on Root-Me.

Soft Skills

It's not all about code

Impeccable English and French. I enjoy speaking in public. I have a sense of priorities and I am well organized.

  • AirTable
  • Notion
  • LaTeX



Student Organization | Co-Founder

Lead the cybersecurity department for two years. Gave dozens of talks and trainings, organized a bootcamp.

Capture The Flag

With various teams

  • 🥇 Capture The FIC 2020 Qualifiers
  • 🥈 Deloitte UK CTF 2019 Qualifiers