Hey, this is my personal website. Most of my content is related to software development and/or computer security. Happily made in 🇫🇷, the most beautiful country in the world.

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You can do whatever you want with the content I authored. I always appreciate to be cited but really there is no license.

About this blog

This blog is statically generated using Pelican. It is hosted on Vercel, and managed on GitHub. The theme I use is in the repository.

I like the idea that anyone can contribute to this blog simply by making a pull request. Please, feel free!

About emojis

Emojis render very differently depending on the platform. Moreover, a lot of my visitors use Linux and may not even be able to display emojis correctly.

This is why I use Twitter's Twemoji to ensure consistent and uniform emoji rendering across all browsers and operating systems.

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